About us

   We are based in Tel Aviv. We sell bathing suits and womenfashion clothes, for over 30 years. We had many shops in different towns in Israel, as you may know it is a country of sun, beaches, sea shores, incredible dead sea, but also very pretty countryside and mountain landscapes. And let's not forget a very active city life in modern and beautiful cities.

Back to us , we're having a good time advising our customers choosing the prettiest swimsuit. Being in this big city, by the sea, our clientele is international, tourists from all over the world. One of our specialties is printing unique logos on our items. Our clientele being more particularly female, we have chosen rhinestones to shine on leggings and t-shirts.

Now we share our experience online, by selecting smart, comfortable, feminine model of swimsuits, and of course a great choice of clothes and accessories making up a unique collection to make you enjoy and love life everyday by moving forward happy, proud, with a smile on your face.