My name is Agnes. ✨

When I first started selling swimwear, I actually entered a world that was quite familiar to me. Former swimmer, and living on the Cote d'Azur, swimming pools and beaches were part of my daily life. Water, swimming, sunbathing, sand or pebbles, are engraved in my heart. Swimsuits have been my passion since childhood. And my favorite shoes are flip flops :)

For the pool my look was very sporty, as serious as the discipline required, but for sunbathing on the beach, or, to dive into the waves, anything was allowed!
Obviously, the years adding a few centimeters to my figure, I adopted one-piece swimsuits for the swimming pool, although practical for swimming, but very flattering and very advantageous; the sporty look giving way to the feminine look! For the beach, I turned to different bikini that supported my breast well, and the choice is immense: with or out straps, attached behind the neck, in a halter way, and even, simple sliding triangles! In the bikinis, my choice of panties is varied, and it will be decided according to the curve of my hips and the width of my thighs, as of the moment :)! Sometimes, the addition of a small pareo tied casually around my waist, or worn "low waist", will give me confidence in myself!
I am now 56 years old, and I have had the privilege of praising the collections of the biggest Israeli brands in my stores, for more than 30 years !!!
I have had the pleasure of advising thousands of clients! I admit that saying this sentence upsets me ... And yet, this is very true.
I remember my first swimsuit sold! In fact, it would be hard to forget it, since we only had ONE model! Yes Yes! One and only one model! It was a black, matte lycra one-piece swimsuit by Gideon Oberzon. Very simple, with two vertical seams, stitched fashion, on each side of the stomach, which greatly benefited the silhouette. Its neckline was square, and its moderately wide straps, adjustable, and even detachable, at will, to let us decide whether to wear them normal on the shoulders, or, tied behind the neck, or even in X, sporty way in the back! And the most incredible, we only had 3 sizes! S, M, L! .... It was a total success! I managed, a bit like magic, to adapt this same unique swimsuit model to all those women who initially wanted to try on a black swimsuit! We sold it for a whole summer season, right down to the last piece!
And the following season, we ordered a complete collection, initially from one brand, then one more, and one more, etc. Our customers, who were eager to see new trends, always asked us for more. more!
And here is, very briefly, how I became an expert advisor in swimsuits, obviously for those who ask me!

An now....

Test me! I don't need to sell you a swimsuit to advise you, on the contrary, I do it with great pleasure. Send me only this information:
-your age
-your status (married, single, couple)
- do you have children
- where are you going (municipal swimming pool, beach, country club, cruise)
-a photo of yourself, even dressed, which more or less shows your figure and the colors of your face / hair.
And let me answer you .....


At your service! ✨

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