What Sport Burns the Most Calories Per Hour?

Sport is part of our daily lives, even if we don't practice it regularly, we certainly think about it a lot!
Exercise is good for our hearts and can help us live longer. But which sport is the most intense? This question intrigued me, as a swimmer, I found this sport quite gentle...(but the answer will surprise me ;)...
I did some research to put together a list of calories burned by different sports; Here is the list from least intense to most intense, with approximately calories burned per hour for a 200 pound (90 kg) adult, the average American weight, listed for each activity. This will give you an overview of the most intensive sports. Keep in mind that the numbers here are approximate.
Walking: 150 calories/hour
Bowling | 273 calories/hour
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: 300/400 calories/hour
Volleyball: 364 calories/hour
Playing golf (and carrying your clubs): 391 calories/hour
Alpine skiing: 391 calories/hour
Aerobic training: 400 calories/hour
Cross-country skiing: 619 calories/hour
Racquetball: 637 calories/hour
A basketball game: 728 calories/hour
Tennis, simple: 740 calories/hour
Boxing: 800 calories/hour
Vigorous swimming: 892 calories/hour
Taekwondo: 937 calories/hour
Football: 937 calories/hour
Running, 8 mph: 1,074 calories/hour
Once again... RUNNING, 500 TO 1000 CALORIES PER HOUR!!!
This is our winner on the list! -and also, swimming which is in the top 5-
It’s also possible that two people doing the same workout are burning a different number of calories because they’re not actually doing the same workout. Incorporating higher-intensity exercise into your routine will boost your calorie burn and magnify these benefits even further. To increase the intensity of your workouts you may increase either your speed, range of motion, or the amount of weight you’re using for strength-training exercises. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can also be an effective and efficient way to increase workout intensity and calorie expenditure. I've tried it, it's easy and it seems to really work! 10 minutes at a good pace, followed by 5 minutes at full speed! and we start again.
Note that just because an exercise burns calories faster doesn't mean it's the best option.
And while burning calories isn't the only measure of an exercise's value, it will tell you something about how hard you're working your body.
Sports training is important for health and longevity, we all know that. But if you want to lose weight, this is not enough, I suggest you talk to a dietitian who will inform you about your ideal healthy weight and will certainly advise you to reduce sugar and the quantities of portions in your diet.
I have consulted a dietician a few times, and I can honestly tell you that the simple fact of being accountable for what I eat has an immediate disciplinary effect on me!!!
And as far as sport is concerned, any sport is in my opinion always more pleasant and effective if practiced in a group!
Remember: The best sport is the one you love enough to get up and do regularly!
So...put on your leggings, girls!
1,2,3....Come on!

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