What shape of eyebrows according to the shape of the face?

The eyebrow. For each face find its ideal line!
Before delving into general observations, there is an essential rule: you must draw your eyebrows in harmony with your face and eyes.

So, first of all, we suggest that you take three crucial landmarks that define the outline of your eyebrow.
Using a pencil or a comb with the tip on the side of your nose, identify where the head, angle and tail of your eyebrow should go.
Once these areas have been identified, it's time to fill!
But then, what shape of eyebrows to adopt?

🟧Square or angular faces have character. To emphasize this strength, opt for thick eyebrows.
However, ideally rounded eyebrows or arched eyebrows are preferred to soften the features of these face shapes.
Our advice? When you have a square face or an angular face, you avoid straight eyebrows which would only remind the jaw.

🟠On a round face, we forget the too rounded eyebrows which would only emphasize the roundness of the face.
To break the curve and lengthen the face, it is better to pluck your eyebrows arched, or even an ascending eyebrow
However, avoid over-emphasizing the arch of the eyebrows. The result should be very natural.
In addition, straight eyebrows can also enhance round faces. This shape of the eyebrows will indeed refine the features and make it possible to lengthen the round face.

‼️On a long face, the goal is to break the length. For this, thin eyebrows and rounded eyebrows should be avoided, in favor of straight and rather thick eyebrows. This shape of the eyebrows can thus make it possible to camouflage a large forehead.
Slightly arched eyebrows can also work well on long faces.

🥚As when it comes to hairstyle, oval faces can (almost) afford anything!
That said, to maintain the smoothness of this face shape, the perfect eyebrows are thin, natural eyebrows. We therefore avoid too thick eyebrows which could harden the discreet features of an oval face.

🔻Triangle faces have a rather flared forehead and a slender chin. To harmonize the ensemble, it is advisable to wear rounded and rather thick eyebrows.
An arched eyebrow, on the contrary, would only enhance the angular effect of a triangle face.
In addition, we also avoid opting for straight eyebrows which could harden the features of a triangular face.

🧡The heart face somewhat resembles the oval face. His characteristics ? A broad forehead, prominent cheekbones and a very thin, sometimes even slightly pointed chin.
Like the oval face, you can bet without hesitation on fine and natural eyebrows to sublimate the fine features of the heart face.
In addition, you can also opt for slightly rounded eyebrows which will offer a very harmonious result.
However, avoid eyebrows that are too thick or eyebrows that are too straight, which would give a more severe effect, or too sophisticated.

Who are thick eyebrows for?
Thick eyebrows can enhance and structure almost any face. They are therefore ideal for square faces and angular faces. Model Cara Delevingne is the perfect example.
This eyebrow shape also magnifies round faces. This line indeed offers a lot of character and intensity to infant faces.
However, we avoid adopting this shape of eyebrows if we have a small forehead. This would risk creating an imbalance.

Note: Thick eyebrows are the brow shapes that require the most maintenance.

>> Either way, remember a rule of thumb: Always respect your natural brow line while waxing. Every face, and therefore every eyebrow, is different and you will never have a straight eyebrow if your natural line is arched.

Thanks to: Cosmopolitan, by  MANUELA ESTEL, TIANA SOARES

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