The first steps in the world of Yoga

It's not all to buy pretty yoga-pants, you still have to get started!
And how to start? 🧘‍♀️
First of all, since yoga classes are numerous and diversified, those days, you may talk with people, around you, to see where, and who, and how many, and when? Even if you don't know anything about it, and if,your "dog doesn't know how to downward and facing at the same time...." and if your "chair" is rather wobbly! :) Relax, it will make sense after a while of practice.

Let see...🧘‍♀️
If you want to relax: Hata yoga represents calm and controlled breathing, the rhythm is slow, punctuated by explanations from the teacher, who will guide you step by step towards the perfect positions (assana). We breathe, we concentrate, we enjoy each movement. A real joy!  And our body joints, as if by magic, surprise us at each session, a little more ....
If you want even more calm, meditation, and controlled breathing: Yoga nidra is ideal. Plus, I find that its relaxing action lasts all day. Perfect to get back to sleep and forget about stress. Any yoga practice is stress-relieving, but this one is one of the most effective
For those who want to let off steam, if you have more affinities with dynamic sports: I advise you to go to Vinyasa yoga, Power yoga, Hip Hop Yoga, or Bikram yoga classes. The sequences are quite easy to learn, quite repetitive and varied. You will be able to master your movements fairly quickly - even in the first session !!. On the other hand, it's dynamic, it moves, we work the muscles and cardio a lot. Especially in Bikram, which is practiced in a heated room !!! Personally, I find Vinyasa excellent. As long as you respect your feelings of joint comfort, you don't risk anything. On the other hand, we discover a whole new way to move and to make a success of this cardio exercises. While effectively relieving our back.
Speaking of those who want to do yoga for back pain relief. Obviously after consulting your doctor or physiotherapist. I recommend yoga that gently muscles you, and stretches you with the greatest respect for your physical integrity: Hatha Yoga is good, Vinyasa too, by adapting slow and controlled breathing during the whole session.
The king of Yogas, in my humble opinion, is: Ashtanga yoga or Ilyengar. The postures will be repeated tirelessly under the merciless gaze of the teacher, who for our own good, will correct our positions, to guide us towards a beneficial perfection. Which is obviously for some of us, hard to achieve ... And despite everything, we perform like ballet dancers.
This is the secret of Yoga, we are all different and at different athletic levels, yet we can perform our yoga side by side, each at their own cadence. The benefit will be the same for everyone!
The good news:
You can start alone at home! There are hundreds of yoga class videos on the internet. Look at them, try, bend, stretch, breathe, and meditate .... Be careful you may even fall asleep, if the teacher is good! 🧘‍♀️
The benefits of yoga on body and mind are real, why not take advantage. Moreover, and this is in my opinion the most important thing: We can start practicing Yoga at any age!

Photo by Mukesh Sharma on Unsplash

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