Swimming pool, beach: safety rules for swimming for children

Swimming at the beach: precautions to take with children
Never relax your vigilance. At the beach, watch your children at all times and always stay with them when they are playing by the water or when they are swimming.
Also be careful to watch your child even when the body of water is minimal (bathtub, pond, large puddle) because a toddler can drown in 20 cm of water.
Choose swimming areas supervised by lifeguards, where the intervention of rescue teams is faster. Again, their supervision should not replace that of the parents.
Their indications and recommendations as to the temperature of the water, the violence of the current and the waves are also essential and each parent is invited to find out about the weather conditions before considering a swim. For this, rely on the color of the flags (green, orange, red and black).
Remember to wet your head, neck, stomach and gradually enter the water to avoid thermal shock

Swimming in the pool: recommendations
If this is your own pool, don't invite too many children to your home.
Vigilance is essential, especially on festive occasions, even in the presence of several people.
Bathe at the same time as your children, or supervise them constantly and closely!
Don't be away, even for a short time.
Designate a single person responsible for monitoring so as not to rely on each other. Remember that in 68% of drowning cases that took place in a buried family swimming pool, a safety device had been installed (barrier, alarm, blanket or shelter). It thus appears essential to supervise the children when swimming in the swimming pool and to define a single responsible adult, at all times, to supervise the child, even if they have armbands.
Explain to your child the dangers of water and make sure that he wears his armbands at all times (CE marking and standard NF 13138-1) adapted to the size, weight and age of the child. Avoid water wings and other floating items (boats, mattresses, etc.) which do not protect against drowning.
While swimming, remember to place next to the pool: a pole, a buoy and a telephone to alert the emergency services as quickly as possible, if necessary.
"When the bath is stopped, as soon as the children are out of the water, dry them  and immediately take him out of the swimming pool enclosure. Close the access. Nothing is more tempting for a child than to Immediately return in the water .




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