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🎁My everyday gift box! 🎁
I must admit that my greatest satisfactions, at the store, are very simple, they all are the swimsuit sales! I receive each customer as a "gift box"! What is her desire? What is her style? To go where? Her size? Her favorite colors? You might find it hard to believe, but I rarely ask questions. But on the other hand, I am very observant. Obviously, if my client explains what she is looking for, I will take it into account ... But my most serious work tool is my flair! ... I first look at the general look, the age, morphology, face, whether made-up or not, whether hairstyle prepared or not, even if manicured or not. I'm like a little scanner that records from top to bottom, plenty of details. It is rare for me to have the wrong size-this is really the easiest thing to guess- And, then, I start to do what I so cherish doing. I always have an inspiration, I will recommend a swimsuit in the greatest sincerity, a swimsuit, or a bikini, that seems to me to be perfect for her. I'll pick up her reaction, no matter how stealthy it is, and I'll immediately know if I'm on the right path, so I'll pick one more and even two. I feel a bit like a mentalist, who captures ideas and tastes! After that, comes the moment to step back, and wait ... I turn into a dresser if I am asked, I will be very careful, by pulling on a strap, or by tying vigorously, but delicately at the same time a bikini bra! And I wait, ... then, my customer smiles, seeing her reflection in the mirror, it will say all! I made it! another small victory, a small challenge won!
Hey, I am waiting for your challenge! Send me just a picture, And let me show you what I pick up especially for you!
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