I'm not 20 anymore, and yet ...

I have asked myself so often, how can I enjoy the beach, me, who is not 20 years old anymore?! ...
It is true that there are women of my age, (and I do not hide it, I am 56 years old) who have superb bodies! Well done girls !!! Is it your mother's blessed genetics ?, or the hours to spend at the gym? It doesn't matter. In my case, without being fat, but also without being thin, I have a very presentable figure ... dressed !!!
And here comes the beach season, the summer which warms our skin with its soft rays which brown our complexion ... Oh! How I love summer! I like to walk on the beaches, along the shores, barefoot, (very good peeling for my feet, by the way ...). I also like to relax on a towel, at not too hot hours, and feel the caress of the sun on my skin, obviously smeared with sunscreen. I like to go from my lounge chair to the beach bar (if there is a bar!) and treat myself to a Mohito! But don't think I wouldn't go so far as to dive into the pool, or the sea, to swim a few lengths, in a stylish front crawl (thanks to my years of swimming).
Thanks to my profession, as much as I advise my customers in the choice of their swimsuits, I chose for myself, the most beautiful swimsuits, which to my taste, will be the key to the success of my summer outings! I do not hesitate to choose several styles of swimsuits, depending on the occasion. Obviously I start the summer with a small bikini, which will be used on rather deserted beaches, and that to acquire a nice tan, without ever forgetting to protect my skin thanks to good sunscreens. Then, thanks to the choice of one-piece swimsuits that have exploded in recent years, I will be able to choose a swimsuit, both covering, feminine and sexy, to stroll on the more populous beaches, or hotel pools. . I don't hesitate to tie a lightweight pareo around my waist, which will float around my hips when I walk, and I will feel graceful and elegant from head to toe, since I will take care of wearing flip-flaps. matching my outfit, and a hat worthy of a holywoodienne star !!!
In short, I'm not 20 anymore, and yet I feel good about myself this summer at the beach!

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