How to wash and maintain your swimsuit?

Here are some great tips I found for keeping our swimsuits:

In the summer, our swimsuits are our best friend. However, its function means that it is constantly damaged by the sun, chlorine or even sea salt. Here are our tips for washing it well and keeping it as long as possible.

One-piece swimsuits, triangles or even bikini ... When summer arrives, you take your favorite swimsuit out of your dressing room and take the road to the beach to enjoy the sun. Problem: with chlorine, sea salt and the sun's rays, our swimsuits get damaged and gradually lose their shine. However, it only takes a few simple steps to keep it in good condition. Our five tips for taking care of your swimsuit and keeping it (almost) like new.

It seems obvious, but it is imperative to rinse and then wash your swimsuit after each use. This is all the more important after a trip to the sea or to the pool, as chlorine and sea salt have the annoying tendency to cling to the fabric. Be careful never to wash it in the machine, which will stretch the elastic fibers of the lycra and therefore further deteriorate your swimsuit. Instead, it is washed by hand in cold water with a mild soap such as Marseille soap or other neutral pH soap.

After cleaning your swimsuit, it is out of the question to place it facing the sun to dry it faster. Sunlight can discolor it and damage its rubber bands. The right gesture? After washing by hand, wring it out, being careful not to stretch it too much, then let it dry in the shade.

Another danger: spas and jacuzzis, whose heat and chemicals damage the fabric of swimsuits. We therefore avoid going there with our favorite jersey.

While it is imperative to protect yourself from the dangers of the sun with sunscreen, it can stain or even discolor the textile fibers of our swimsuits. To avoid damaging it, it is therefore recommended to protect yourself at least 30 minutes before putting on your swimsuit. The cream will thus have had time to penetrate the skin and will not leave any traces on our bikini line.

After a trip to the beach, you may roll it up into a ball in a towel or plastic bag, for a few minutes or even a few hours. By doing this, we leave our swimsuit in a wet area and we run the risk that the latter deforms it and deteriorates the quality of its fabric. So it's best to keep it on you on the way home, even if it's unpleasant. Or very quickly, dry it properly!


Maybe because I've been selling swimsuits for years, I have a real collection, I keep them very well and it's a pleasure each time to open my drawer and remember them good memories . And you, do you have a collection?

picture:Photo by Chalo Garcia on Unsplash

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