How to do my own foot massage!

The benefits of foot massage is widely known, and you can do it yourself!
After taking the time to read several methods, here is an easy-to-execute little summary:
1. Sitting. Place the right foot on the left knee; make sure you are seated comfortably. Start with light stroking movements: hold the foot between your hands (“sandwich grip”), then slide your hands from the heel to the toes.
2. While keeping the foot in the same position, slide your hands in the opposite direction from the toes to the heel. Maintain firm, even pressure and repeat these movements twice.
3. On your knees. Place your foot on the ground next to the knee. Hold your foot with both hands, thumbs up, and fingers below, wrapping around the sole of your foot. Stretch the top of the foot, spreading your thumbs without moving your fingers and pressing firmly.
4. Sitting. Now lift the foot and rest it on the knee. Place the hands as in the previous step. It is the turn of the fingers to slowly pull outward, pressing firmly, so as to stretch the sole of the foot.
5. Support the sole of the foot with your left hand. Fold the other hand into a fist and lightly squeeze the foot in circular motions. Then hold the top of the foot with the right hand. Work the plant with the left fist, pressing more deeply.
6. Hold the heel of the foot with the left hand, then grab the forefoot with the right. Pull the latter gently upwards so as to stretch the plant. Be careful not to force: the manipulation must remain completely painless.
7. Continue to hold the heel of the foot with the left hand. Place the other hand on top of the foot, thumb on the sole. Gently push the foot down. Again, stretch it as far as comfortable. Repeat steps 6 and 7.
8. Support the foot with the left hand, at the level of the arch of the foot. Hold the big toe in the middle with the right hand. Gently rotate it clockwise, then counterclockwise. Repeat the manipulation on each toe in descending order.

Now all you have to do is repeat the entire sequence on the left foot!

Apart from the benefits on the whole body, you gain the ultimate beauty treatment for your feet! Do this at least once a week. You are now ready to go barefoot this summer, in flip-flop!


Photo by How-Soon Ngu on Unsplash

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